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PhotoScape is intended to perform various operations involving photos
tehseen  — 2 years ago
This is cool software and I enjoy it.
donv  — 3 years ago
An amazing free program. In a little time, you will learn how to use it with ease. If I were to want a better art program, I'd upgrade this! I have used it for about 3 years!
Shohom  — 5 years ago
Guest #19206621  — 5 years ago
best of the best free photo editing.
Guest #17552235  — 6 years ago
it's interesting, good and easy aplication...
Guest  — 6 years ago
Easy to use. we don't even require to see see any tutorial before editing your pic. It works fast and even helps in creating animations.
Guest  — 7 years ago
It is very good and easy to use. It fulfills all need in personal use . It is really useful software and it is also free of cost.
Guest  — 7 years ago
very cool
Guest  — 7 years ago
ZaWlady  — 7 years ago
I use it only for resizing
Tuberk KutLu  — 7 years ago
PhotoScape ^^ Nİce prog (:
titas  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 8 years ago
design picture so well
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