Photo manager with file editing and renaming capabilities
PhotoScape v3.7
28 Oct 2014
Editorial review
PhotoScape v3.6
28 Dec 2011
Editorial review
PhotoScape v3.5
27 May 2010
PhotoScape v3.3
13 Mar 2009
Editorial review
PhotoScape v3.2
17 Nov 2008
Editorial review
PhotoScape v1.0
14 Feb 2008

What's new

v3.7 [28 Oct 2014]
Added 'Black & White' and 'Bandicoot' filters (Editor > Home)
Added a 'Smart Blur' brush (Editor > Tools > Effect Brush)
Brush sizes increase from 3 to 4 and become bigger.
Added 29 more film effects so totally 35 film effects now. (Editor > Home)
Improved the 'Film Effect' UI
Improved Editor, Page, Combine and AniGif UI
Fixed minor bugs

v3.6 [28 Dec 2011]
"File invisibility in the desktop folder" Bug fixed.
"Editor -> Object: Icon button" added.
"Editor -> Object -> Icon: Icon Input" Bug fixed.
Crystallize, Blur Brushes added (Editor -> Effect Brush)
Brighten, Deepen, Darken Brushes upgraded (Editor -> Effect Brush)
Fixed minor bugs.

v3.5 [27 May 2010]
- Supports 34 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Dutch, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico, Latin America), French, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Colombian), Thai, Hungarian, Turkish, Catalan, Slovak, Czech, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Estonian, Danish, Romanian, Hebrew, Galician, Finnish, Indonesian and Arabic.
- Added Clone Stamp (Editor -> Tools Tab) video
- Added Paint Brush (Editor -> Tools Tab)
- Added Color Picker (Editor -> Tools Tab & Object Tab)
- Improved Mosaic Filter: Mosaic pixel size selectable (Editor -> Tools Tab)
- Changed Editor -> Region tab name from 'Region' to 'Tools'.
- Added 'Print Button' to Viewer and Editor.
- Added 59 travel icons, 7 face icons and 6 makeup icons.
- Photo Development Service with FOTO.COM (EU Only)
- At combine, the first photo's EXIF information would be saved.
- Photo viewer shows photos in regular sequence (a1, a10, a2, a3 -> a1, a2, a3, a10)
- Run 'Raw Converter' automatically when you drag & drop at the Photoscape welcome screen.
- Support Windows Vista, Windows 7.
- Support Multiuser Sessions.
- Stop supporting Window 95, 98 and Me. (If you are a user of Windows 98 or Me, please use Photoscape 3.4)
- Fixed minor bugs.

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